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Cynthia Fick, founder of Financial Life Planners, is considered by the media as an innovator in her approach to Financial Planning. She is passionate about educating the public about money. Her six-stage process, money belief system, and book “The Sisterhood of Money” continue to be highly recognized by journalists and media throughout the country. Media outlets including NBC, CBS, ABC, and USA Today contact Cynthia to share her expertise with their audiences on questions related to financial planning. Below are a few videos of Cynthia’s media appearances.

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FLP Podcast

Cynthia Fick’s latest media project has her co-hosting a podcast with her business partner, Gina Wight. Cynthia and Gina believe that financial success lies in not only your money management, but how you manage your beliefs, attitudes and actions around money.

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FLP Podcast

Financial Life Planning with Cynthia & Gina

Cynthia Fick Founder of Financial Life Planners Interview 10/04/15.

Before tying the knot, it’s essential to get to know your future spouse financially as well as romantically.

Here are five things everyone should do, says financial planner Cynthia Fick, before combing finances.

Assess each other’s money habits: “It’s OK that you are different,” Fick says. “But you want to figure out if you are so different that you can’t stand each other.” Fick says people could learn more about each other’s spending habits by taking a money attitude quiz or asking about each other’s family and past.

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4 Tips to Help Couples Keep The Peace About Money

By ThirdAge on Thursday, October 1, 2015 @ 12:00 am
Contributor: Cynthia Fick, Founder of Financial Life Planners and Author of The Sisterhood of Money

Money may not have the power to buy happiness, but it sure can stress us out. In fact, a survey by the American Psychological Association pinpointed money as the leading cause of stress for Americans, with 72 percent saying they had felt at least some stress about money in the previous month.
What’s more, about one-third of adults with partner said money is a major cause of conflict in their relationship.

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Financial Well-being: The Sisterhood of Money

Article By–Nancy McKeon
Contributor: Cynthia Fick, Founder of Financial Life Planners

 CYNTHIA FICK IS a financial planner who decided to approach her business and her clients in a creative way, recognizing that the way women think about money, and about how much or little of it we feel we “deserve,” can make all the difference.

One of the exercises she believes in is insisting that people first figure out their goals in very concrete terms–and then write them down. And not only write them down but do so as if the client has already achieved them. This is a technique used in a lot of goal-setting programs, and it may seem gimmicky, but try it and you’ll appreciate how different it makes the goal feel.

Fick, based in Arizona, has written a book, “The Sisterhood of Money.” In it she expands on this way of dealing with financial goals. The bulk of the book is a narrative based on a handful of women with whom she creates a financial workshop. Each has a slightly different feeling about money, a different way of handling it and thinking about it–and some of those feelings get in their way.

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Contributor: Cynthia Fick, Author of the Sisterhood of Money and Founder of Financial Life Planners

Despite having roughly half the wealth in the United States, studies indicate that women could use support in understanding their finances, including when it comes to making decisions for investments.

“Women often believe they are incapable of understanding finances, which becomes a self-perpetuating, self-fulfilling theme in society and, more importantly, the minds of many women,” Fick says. “But we’re beginning to change the narrative between women and money.”

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